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Inductance Formula for Rectangular Planar Spiral Inductors with Rectangular Conductor Cross Section

This paper derives a formula for rectangular planar spiral coils with an aspect ratio of up to 4.0 and having a crosssectional aspect ratio of height to width not exceeding unity.

Houston-area resort upgrades digital guest journey

LEGIC is pleased to support Zaplox with their Mobile Key service and dormakaba with their Bluetooth enabled hotel locks which are deployed by The Woodlands Resort & Conference Center.

Inductance Formula for Square Planar Spiral Inductors with Rectangular Conductor Cross Section

Planar spiral coils are used as inductors in radio frequency (RF) microelectronic integrated circuits (IC’s) and as anten-nas in both 13.56 MHz radio frequency identification (RFID) and telemetry systems.

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Installs dormakaba BLE Enabled RFID Electronic Locks at 2,000-Room Destination

LEGIC is the official BLE reader IC technology provider for the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno/Tahoe.

Comparative Study of the Accuracy of Analytical Inductance Formulae for Square Planar Spiral Inductors

In the design of radio frequency (RF) microelectronic integrated circuits (IC’s) and of antennas for short-wave radio frequency identification (RFID) and telemetry systems, planar spiral coils are important components.

LEGIC supports NFC Apple Watch functionalities

Swiss technology provider LEGIC Identsystems Ltd is proud to announce that its SM-4200 reader IC supports standardized reading of NFC data from and to the Apple Watch. The NFC functionality enables the subsequent selective Bluetooth Smart (BLE) pairing between Apple Watch and fitness equipment under...

Analytical Approximation for the Inductance of Circularly Cylindrical Two-Wire Transmission Lines with Proximity Effect

The paper describes a simple analytical approximation for the inductance of two-wire transmission lines of circularly cylindrical wires with proximity effect.

The GMD Method for Inductance Calculation Applied to Conductors with Skin Effect

The GMD method (geometric mean distance) to calculate inductance offers undoubted advantages over other methods. But so far it seemed to be limited to the case where the current is uniformly distributed over the cross section of the conductor, i.e. to DC (direct current).

Improved Formulae for the Inductance of Straight Wires

The best analytical formulae for the self-inductance of rectangular coils of circular cross section available in the literature were derived from formulae for the partial inductance of straight wires, which, in turn, are based on the well-known formula for the mutual inductance of parallel current...